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2014 高考英语完形填空抓分练*精品题(12)及答案
完形填空 A Kentucky young man was taken to a hospital and then to county prison after leading police on a one-hour freeway chase (追赶) in a stolen SUV. The chase 26 Los Angeles in front of the Spring Hotel. Most of the chase was an empty 28 27 in downtown , except for

of wine that the driver threw at one police vehicle. started to happen. He ran over a fire hydrant all the books in several carts

When the driver got into downtown, 29

(消防栓). The water poured out of the hydrant, 30 (手推车) that a seller had put outside to driver three 32 33 turned west onto Grand 31

customers into his bookstore. The and managed to knock into


cars on one side of that street and two cars on the other side. The 34 , who was standing in the 35 ordering him

driver also tried to run over to stop.

Turning north, the driver caused a bus to hit its was empty, and the bus driver was uninjured. 37 the SUV 38 different directions were not so 40


to avoid a crash. The bus

, two police cars that were chasing 39 . One of them ran into the the drivers had braked early

fro nt of the bus, and the other into the back. enough, the damage to their cars was They only went two it had 44 43 42 41

. Both officers continued the chase.

north to find that the SUV had come to a full stop because

into a newspaper stand in front of the Spring Hotel. The driver 45 the driver of

heavily behind the steering wheel(方向盘). The police

failure to give in to a police officer. 26. A . began B.happened B.common B.box B.objects B.separating B.attract B.carefully B.broken C.ended C.surprising C. case C.fights C.softening C.fill C.hurriedly C.passing D.resulted D.unusual D. bottle D.kills D.boring D.admit D.suddenly D.park ed

27. A.pleasant 28. A.tan k 29. A.things 30. A.ruining 31. A.please 32. A.slowly 33. A.hidden


34. A. another driver 35. A.crosswalk 36. A.lights 37. A.Besides 38. A.from 39. A.proud 40. A.Before 41. A.effective 42. A.steps 43. A. rushed 44. A. flew 45. A.provided

B. passer-by a B.police box B.brakes B.Instead B.into B.lucky B.Although B.serious B.shops B.entered B.fell B. impressed

C. seller the C.shop nearby C.engines C.However C.under C.regretful C.Because C.normal C.meters C.came C.flowed C. accused

D.a police officer D.police vehicle D.wheels D.Therefore D.toward D.sorry D.When D.slight D.blocks D.backed D.fled D. marked

参考答案 26-45 CBDAA



复*扫荡狂练:完形填空—说明文 A few days ago I saw on TV a very interesting discussion about the stray dogs. We still have a problem with the 1 of stray dogs in Bucharest. Believe me; I know they keep 2 me that every time they bark at me when I’m 3 my bike. . .

Although I 4 when they do this stupid thing or when I 5 dogs that are violent on the street, I understand that each one acts for 6 . If at first someone did something wrong to it, of course it will be 7 towards humans or if they are hungry they will 8 for food. . . everything like us humans. The 10 solutions were of two kinds: -term 9 the environment they grew up in. . . just

1. Putting them down (through euthanasia). A very expensive, a very 11 solution, a cruel solution, considering that the way they should be

12 is far from

what euthanasia means. . . in conclusion, not 13 a solution. They kill 4 but the


2 survive and the another 12 appear. 2. Sterilizing them. A very efficient solution 14 the less expensive costs, a long-term solution because there would be 15 newborns, a less painful process. Yet to some people the correct solution is not so obvious; they 16 to“finish the deal faster”, without any bother of thinking it through and that is unfair to us, the people that 17 this city, and first of all to them the stray dogs. . .

There are many more 18 , for example, adopting is a wonderful chance for these dogs, shelters for dogs can offer them a second chance for 19 (but they can be 20 to keep and expensive without any help). 1. A. difficultyB. quality C. numberD. failure 2. A. scolding B. reformingC. remindingD. blaming 3. A. for B. atC. inD. on 4. A. march B. beat C. fightD. hate 5. A. notice B. see C. struggle D. push 6. A. survivingB. training C. kicking D. praising 7. A. violentB. excited C. puzzled D. popular 8. A. take B. searchC. sendD. leave 9. A. got onB. depends onC. pass on D. carry on 10. A. handedB. mentionedC. discussedD. offered 11. A. simple B. random C. hard D. short 12. A. taken downB. brought down C. turned down D. put down 13. A. reallyB. fortunatelyC. thankfullyD. interestingly 14. A. because ofB. instead of C. according toD. in line with 15. A. richerB. lessC. more D. harder 16. A. move B. askC. preferD. threaten 17. A. believe in B. try on C. take in D. live in 18. A. benefitsB. places C. solutions D. hands 19. A. question B. adoptionC. encouragement D. plan 20. A. hardB. social C. favorite D. special



阅读理解------------A 篇 Sandra Cisneros was born in Chicago in 1954 to a Mexican American family. As the only girl in a family of seven children, she often felt like she had “seven fathers,” because her six brothers, as well as her father, tried to control her. Feeling shy and unimportant, she retreated(躲避) into books. Despite her love of reading, she did not do well in elementary school because she was too shy to participate. In high school, with the encouragement of one particular teacher, Cisneros improved her grades and worked for the school literary magazine. Her father encouraged her to go to college because her thought it would be a good way for her to find a husband. Cisneros did attend college, but instead of searching for a husband, she found a teacher who helped her join the famous graduate writing program at the University of Iowa. At the university’s Writers’ Workshop, however, she felt lonely----a Mexican American from a poor neighborhood among students from wealthy families. The feeling of being so different helped Cisneros find her “Creative voice.” “It was not until this moment when I considered myself truly different that my writing acquired a voice. I knew I was a Mexican woman, but I didn’t think it had anything to do with why I felt so much imbalance in my life, but it had everything to do with it! That’s when I decided I would write about something my classmates couldn’t write about.” Cisneros published her first work, The House on Mango Street, when she was twenty-nine. The book tells about a young Mexican American girl growing up in a Spanish-speaking area in Chicago, much like the neighborhoods in which Cisneros lived as a child. The book won an award in 1985 and has been used in classes from high school through graduate school level. Since then, Cisneros has published several books of poetry, a children’s book, and a short-story collection. 46. Which of the following is TRUE about Cisneros in her childhood? A. She had seven brothers.


B. She felt herself a nobody. C. She was too shy to go to school. D. She did not have any good teachers. 47. The graduate program gave Cisneros a chance to _____. A. work for a school magazine B. run away from her family C. make a lot of friends D. develop her writing style 48. According to Cisneros, what played the decisive role in her success? A. Her early years in college. B. Her training in the Workshop. C. Her feeling of being different. D. Her childhood experience. 49. What do we learn about The House on Mango Street? A. It is quite popular among students. B. It is the only book ever written by Cisneros. C. It wasn’t success as it was written in Spanish. D. It won an award when Cisneros was twenty-nine.

参考答案 46- -49、BDCA

完形填空 Michael O’her lived alone with his father, and the two of them had a very special relationship.The father believed in encouragement. Though Michael was the 26 of the class when he entered high school,

his 27 continued to encourage him, but also made it very clear that he did not have to play 28 if he didn’t want to. However, Michael loved football and was through high school, he never 30 29 to try his best at every practice.All

a practice or a game, but remained a bench warmer

(替补队员) all four years.His 31 father was always in the stands, with words of 32 for him.

It was the end of the football season, and as Michael ran slowly onto the practice field shortly 33 the big final game, the coach met him with a

telegram.Michae l

34 the telegram and became deathly silent—his father died that immediately. 36 , a silent young man eagerly 37

morning, and the sad man left for 35

In the third quarter, when the team was ten points

onto the sidelines.The coach and his players were shocked to see their team-mate back so 38 . 39 .I have to play today,” said Michael.Feeling sorry

“Coach, please let me for him, the coach 40

.Before long, nobody could believe their eyes.This small 41 .He helped his team win finally. 42 , Michael was sitting in the corner all 43 you

bench warmer played like a(n)

When the team was cheering for their

alone.The coach came to him and said, “You were fantastic! Tell me did it?”

Tears in eyes, Michael said, “Well, you knew my dad died, but did you know he was blind?” He he could 44 45 a smile, “Dad came to all my games, but today was the first time me play, and I wanted to show him I could do it!” B.smallest B.players B.games B.determined B.lost B.upset B.judgment B.since B.turned over B.home B.beside B.ran B.sadly B.fight B.refused C.biggest C.classmates C.practices C.satisfied C.missed C.faithful C.wisdom C.towards C.got over C.field C.behind C.stepped C.punctually C.work C.agreed D.youngest D.father D.basketball D.reminded D.won D.optimistic D.amusent D.before D.tore up D.class D.away D.slipped D.soon D.play D.cried

26.A.strongest 27.A.coach 28.A.football 29.A.required 30.A.failed 31.A.sympathetic 32.A.encouragement 33.A.after 34.A.went through 35.A.school 36.A.ahead 37.A.walked 3 8.A.quietly 39.A.go 40.A.left


41.A.star 42.A.victory 43.A.why 44.A.s pread 45.A.hear

B.son B.award B.when B.skipped B.see

C.amateur C.memorial C.where C.forced C.feel

D.trainer D.unity D.how D.stopped D.make

参考答案 26-30 BDABC 3 1-35 CADAB

36-40 CBDDC

41-45 AADCB

复*扫荡狂练:完形填空—说明文 Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October. This year Thanksgiving will 1 on Monday, October 11, 2010. Thanksgiving in Canada has been generally thought to come from three traditions. European farmers in Europe 2 celebrations at harvest time to give thanks for their good fortune of a good 3 and abundance of food. They would often fill a curved 4 of good plenty. When

goat’s horn with fruits and grains. This was known as a

Europeans came to Canada it is 5 to have become an influence on the 6 Thanksgiving tradition. Around 1578 English navigator Martin Frobisher held a ceremony, in what is now called the province of Newfoundland to give thanks for 7 his journey there. Other settlers

later arrived and continued these“ 8 ”ceremonies. This was also thought to be an influence on the Canadian Thanksgiving tradition. The third influence happened in 1621. Pilgrims 9 their first harvest in the“New

World”. Around 1750 this celebration of harvest was brought to Nova Scotia by 10 settlers from the south. At the same time, French 11 arriving were also holding

feasts of “thanksgiving. ”These celebrations and offerings of“Thanks” 12 the Canadian Thanksgiving. In 1879 Canadian Parliament 13 November 6th a day of Thanksgiving and a 14 holiday. Over the years the date of Thanksgiving 15 several times until on January 31st, 1957, Parliament proclaimed. . . that the 2nd Monday in October. . . be a Day


of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest 16 which Canada has been blessed. In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November 17 a declaration by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863. If you think about it this does make sense— 18 in Canada we have a shorter 19 season and our harvest is 20 than in the US—our Thanksgiving celebrations should be earlier to celebrate the harvest time. 1. A. take B. try C. put D. fall

2. A. pushed B. broke C. hesitated D. held 3. A. burden B. step C. harvestD. barn 4. A. hair B. skin C. hornD. body 5. A. reported B. thoughtC. keptD. helped 6. A. CanadianB. American C. French D. Italian 7. A. living B. surviving C. comforting D. respecting 8. A. thankfulB. fruitful C. rich D. plentiful 9. A. trained B. moved C. celebratedD. congratulated 10. A. British B. Korean C. Chinese D. American 11. A. settlersB. farmers C. workers D. foreigners 12. A. influencedB. insistedC. needed D. hesitated 13. A. told B. declaredC. said D. spread 14. A. confusing B. possible C. national D. traditional 15. A. moved B. benefited C. suffered D. changed 16. A. withB. in C. at D. over 17. A. as to B. according toC. in line with D. in a sense 18. A. after B. sinceC. whenD. although 19. A. measuring B. replacing C. growingD. moving 20. A. poorer B. better C. quicker D. sooner 参考答案 26.DDCCB ABACD AABCD ABBCD :




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