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2014 高考英语完形填空抓分练*精品题(62)及答案

【广东】 Tales of the supernatural are common in all parts of Britain. In particular, there was (and perhaps still is) a belief in fairies(仙女). Not all of these__21__are the friendly, people-loving characters that appear in Disney films, and in some folktales they are__22__and cause much human suffering. This is true in the tales about the Changeling. These tell the story of a mother whose baby grows__23__ and pale and has changed so much that it is almost__24__ to the parents. It was then__25__ that the fairies had come and stolen the baby away and__26__ the human baby with a fairy Changeling. There were many ways to prevent this from happening: hanging a knife over the baby’s head while he slept or covering him with some of his father’s clothes were just two of the recommended__27__. However, hope was not lost even if the baby had been 28 . In those cases there was often a way to get the__29__ baby back.

You could__30__the Changeling on the fire--then it would rise up the chimney, and you would hear the sound of fairies’ laughter and soon after you would find your own child safe and sound nearby. 21. A. . babies 22. A. . extraordinary 23. A. . sick 24. A. . unrecognizable 25. A. . feared 26. A. . covered B. predicted B. changed B. tools B. stolen B. pale B. burn C. heard C. replaced C. steps C. found C. sad C. place D. reported D. terrified D. methods D. lost D. real D. hold uncomfortable B. slim B. unbelievable C. short D. small D. powerful B. believers B. cruel C. fairies C. frightened D. supermen D.

C. unacceptable

27. A. . cases 28. A. . missed 29. A. . 1ittle 30. A. . seize


解析: 本文主要是说英国的神话故事中非所有仙女都是善良的,有的很残酷,常给人们带来痛 苦。 21. C 结合前句可知,本句意为“并不是所有的仙女(fairies)都像迪斯尼电影中出现的 人物那样友善、讨人喜爱” 。 22. B 与前面的 friendly 相对,后面的 and cause much human suffering 也说明了这 一点。 23. A. 由与之并列的 pale (苍白)可知,是有病的婴儿。 24. D 因为“变化如此之大” ,所以父母也“无法识别,辨不出来” 。 25. A. 孩子变得辨认不出来了,这时“人们担心(it is feared that?)”被仙女来换 了一个孩子了。 26. C 由前文 stolen the baby away 可知,是用 a fairy Changeling 来取代了 the human baby;表示“取代”用 replace = take the place of。 27. D 由前文的 many ways 可知,与 ways 同义的是 methods。 28. B 由前文 stolen the baby away 可知。 29. D 与用来取代的假的相对,应当为“真的” 。 30. C 把 the Changeling“放到”火上面。 方法提炼: 采用说明文的开头点题方法就可顺藤摸瓜。

第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题:每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白 处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 (2012·合肥质检一) Recently divorced and unemployed, I was on my way downtown to do the rounds of the employment offices.I had no umbrella, for my old one had__36__, and I could not__37__another one. I sat down in the__38__and there against my seat was a(n)__39__silk umbrella with a silver handle.I had__40__seen anything so lovely.I examined the handle and saw a


carved__41__.The procedure would have been to__42__the umbrella to the conductor, but an idea__43__to me.I decided to take it with me and find the owner myself. I got off the bus in a downpour and__44__opened the umbrella to protect myself.Then I__45__a telephone book for the name on the umbrella.I called and a lady__46__. Yes, she said __47__, that was her umbrella, which her parents, now dead, had given her as a birthday present.But, she__48__, it had been stolen__49__her doorstep a month before. She was so excited that I__50__I was looking for a job and went directly to her house.She took the umbrella, and her eyes were filled with__51__.She wanted to give me a__52__, but – though twenty dollars was all I had in the world—her happiness at regaining this__53__possession was beyond words and I believed accepting her money would have__54__something.We talked for a while and I left. A week later, I got a job as a sales manager__55__.It might be my kindness that paid off.But who knows? 文章大意:离婚和失业的我去城里找工作。在公交车上发现了一把伞,我把它还给了它 的主人。一周后,我找到了一份工作。真是赠人玫瑰手有余香。 36.A.broken up C.fallen apart B.gone away D.faded away

答案:C 我的旧伞已经“散了架”,而且我又“买”不起新伞。fall apart“拆开”; break up“解散”;go away“离开”;fade away“褪色”。 37.A.afford C.find 答案:A B.borrow D.repair afford“买的起”,常与 can,could 连用。 B.bus D.train

38.A.office C.theater 答案:B 此处与 44 空前的 bus 对应。 39.A.ugly C.worn

B.beautiful D.ancient

答案:B 我的座位边上靠着一把“漂亮”的伞。下文提到这把伞很漂亮。 40.A.even C.already 答案:D 我“从未”见过如此可爱的东西。 41.A.design C.name B.number D.brand

B.always D.never

答案:C 我检查了伞柄,发现上面刻着一个“名字”。 42.A.turn in C.open up B.show off D.carry away

答案:A 程序应该是我把伞“上交给”售票员,但是我突然“想到了”一个主意。turn in“上交”;show off“炫耀”;open up“敞开”;carry away“带走”。 43.A.occurred C.struck 答案:A B.ran D.happened sth. occur to sb.“某人突然想到??”。 B.suddenly D.thankfully

44.A.firmly C.casually

答案:D 我到达目的站,下了公交车,然后“心怀感激地”打开了伞来保护自己不受雨 淋。thankfully“心怀感激地”;firmly“坚定地”;suddenly“突然”;casually“漫不 经心地”。 45.A.read C.got B.searched D.used

答案:B 然后,我“找到”了伞柄上所刻名字的电话号码本。 46.A.appeared C.answered B.replied D.screamed

答案:C 我打了那个电话,一位女士“接了电话”。answer the phone“接电话”。 47.A.in surprise C.in silence 答案:A B.in panic D.in anger

有人打电话送伞让这位女士“有点吃惊”。in surprise“吃惊地”;in

panic“惊慌地”;in silence“沉默地”;in anger“生气地”。 48.A.assumed C.declared 答案:B B.added D.announced


补充说”;assume“假设”;declare“宣布”;announce“通知”。 49.A.from C.beside 答案:A 见上题解释。 50.A.mentioned C.realized B.forgot D.remembered B.in D.of

答案:B 她如此激动以至于我“忘记了”自己是来找工作的,直接去了她家。 51.A.memory B.honor

C.tears 答案:C 她拿到伞,眼泪噙满了“泪水”。 52.A.gift C.hug


B.position D.reward

答案:D 她要给我“赏金”。reward“赏金,回报”。 53.A.expensive C.rare 答案:D B.common D.special 她重获“这一特别”财产的喜悦是无法用语言表达的。special“特别的”。

由前文可知,这把伞是她已经去世的父母给她的生日礼物,所以是“特别的”。 54.A.bought C.expressed B.ruined D.enjoyed

答案:B 我相信接受她的现金奖赏一定会“破坏”我的人品。ruin“破坏”。 55.A.immediately C.hopefully B.naturally D.unexpectedly

答案:D 一周后,我“意外地”得到了一份销售员的工作。 ***************************************************************结束

【江苏】 Evelyn Glennie was the first lady of solo percussion in Scotland. In an interview, she recalled how she became a percussion soloist(打击乐器独奏演员) in spite of her disability. “Early on I decided not to allow the__36__of others to stop me from becoming a musician. I grew up on a farm in northeast Scotland and began__37__piano lessons when I was eight. The older I got, the more my passion(酷爱) for music grew. But I also began to gradually lose my__38 __. Doctors concluded that the nerve damage was the__39__and by age twelve, I was completely deaf. But my love for music never__40__ me.” “My__41__was to become a percussion soloist, even though there were none at that time. To perform, I__42__to ‘hear’ music differently from others. I play in my stocking feet and can__43__the pitch of a note(音调高低) by the vibrations(振动) I feel through my body and through my__44__. My entire sound world exists by making

use of almost every__45__that I have.” “I was __46__ to be assessed as a musician, not as a deaf musician, and I applied to the famous Royal A. cademy of Music in London. No other deaf student had__47__this before and some teachers__48__my admission. Based on my performance, I

was__49__admitted and went on to__50__ with the academy’s highest honors.” “A. fter that, I established myself as the first full-time solo percussionist. I __51__ and arranged a lot of musical compositions since__52__had been written specially for solo percussionists.” “I have been a soloist for over ten years. __53__the doctor thought I was totally deaf, it didn’t__54__ that my passion couldn’t be realized. I would encourage people not to allow themselves to be __55 __by others. Follow your passion; follow your heart. They will lead you to the place you want to go.” 36. A. . conditions B. opinions C. actions D.

recommendations 37. A. . enjoying 38. A. . sight 39. A. . evidence 40. A. . disappointed 41. A. . purpose 42. A. . turned 43. A. . tell 44. A. . experience 45. A. . sense 46. A. . discouraged 47. A. . done 48. A. . 49. A. . supported usually B. accepted B. followed B. finally C. advised C. required C. possibly D. admitted D. opposed D.

B. choosing B. hearing B. result B. excited

C. taking C. touch C. excuse

D. giving D. taste D. cause D.


C. accompanied

B. decision B. learned B. see B. movement

C. promise C. used C. hear

D. goal D. ought D. smell D.


C. imagination

B. effort B. astonished

C. feeling C. determined

D. idea D.


hopefully 50. A. . study 51. A. . wrote 52. A. . enough 53. A. . However 54. A. . mean 55. A. . directed 解析: 讲述的是英国著名聋女打击乐手 Evelyn Glennie 成功的故事。本文中的很多词汇,如: solo、percussion 等在牛津英语教材模块八第二单元中均有所涉及。 36. B。从上下文可知 Glennie 不想让别人的看法(the opinions of others)左右自己 成为音乐家的理想。A. 条件;C 项行动;D 项推荐。 37. C。Glennie 八岁开始学*钢琴。take lessons 上课,固定短语。 38. B。从下文可知, Glennie 听觉 (hearing) 逐渐失去, 直到 12 岁时完全失聪 (completely deaf) 。 39. D. 神经损伤 (the nerve damage) Glennie 失去听觉的主要原因 是 (cause) evidence 。 证据;result 结果;excuse 借口。 40. “我对音乐的爱从来没有离开过我。 ”根据 never,句意否定,所以 B 项 excite sb. 令人激动,C 项 accompany sb.陪伴某人不正确。D 项应为 disappear from sb.。 41. D。人生的目标 (goal ),purpose 目的;decision 决定;promise 许诺。 42. B。 “我学会了‘听’ (learn to do)音乐。 ”turn to 转向(某人寻求帮助) ;used to 过去常常(做某事) ;ought to 应该做某事。 43. A. 。tell 辨别;see 看到;hear 听到;smell 闻到。句意是:通过振动来辨别音调 的高低。 44. C。据句意,为了分辨音调的高低,除了通过身体对振动的感觉,还可以通过我的想 象(imagination) 。因为 Glennie 以前没有失聪过,所以不会有 experience(经验) ;而 carefulness(细心)和身体的 movement(运动)对聋人来说是无法分辨音调高低的。 45. A. 。 “我只有通过调动全部的感觉(sense)器官”才能弥补失聪的遗憾来感受周围 世界。定语从句 I have 修饰的我能拥有的 sense 感觉、effort 努力、feeling 感情、idea 想法中 A. 项符合句意。

B. research B. translated B. some B. A. lthough B. seem B. guided

C. graduate C. copied C. many C. When C. conclude C. taught

D. progress D. read D. few D. Since D. say D. limited

46. C。Glennie 下定决心(be determined to do)要被别人评价为一名音乐家,而不是 一名聋人音乐家。 dissatisfied 不满意的; astonished 惊讶的; discouraged 气馁的。

A. 、B、D 都是 Glennie 对别人评价的反应,而 Glennie 这时实际上还没有成名,所以不可能 有这些感觉。 47. A. 。 “以前没有失聪学生做过(done)这件事(applied to the Royal A. cademy of Music)。A. ccept 接受,advise 建议,admit 承认。根据语意,A. 项正确。 ” 48. D。 因为以前没有失聪学生被录取, 所以一些老师反对 (oppose) Glennie 进入 the Royal A. cademy of Music。 49. B。由于 Glennie 的表现,最终(finally)被录取。 50. C。以最高的荣誉从 the Royal A. cademy of Music 毕业(graduate) 。 51. A. 。作曲 write musical compositions。 52. D。自己作曲的原因是很少有人(few)专门为打击乐器独奏演员作曲。 53. B。尽管医生认为 Glennie 完全聋了,但并不意味着她的热情被忽视了。A. lthough 引导让步状语从句。从语意判断,B 项最佳。 54. A. 。mean 意味着。conclude 作结论。 55. D。Glennie 根据自己的切身体会告诫人们:不要被别人这样那样的说法所禁锢 (limit) 。 方法提炼: 根据记叙文的按事件顺序发展特点这个思路是解题的突破口。



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