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2014 高考英语完形填空抓分练*精品题(1)及答案
完形填空 It was in my high school science class. I was doing a task in front of the classroom with my favorite shirt on. A 31 came. “Nice shirt,” I smiled from ear to ear. Then another voice said, “That shirt 32 that shirt away,

belonged to my dad. Greg’s mother works for my family. We were going to but gave it to her I 34 33 .” I was speechless. I wanted to hide.

the shirt in the back of the closet and told my mom what had happened. She then 35 , “I will no longer work for your family,” she told him. That night, Mom told my 36 was something greater.

dialed her

dad that she couldn’t clean anymore; she knew her life’s The next morning she 37

with the personnel manager at the Board of Education. He told 38 a university.

her that without a proper education she could not teach. So Mom decided to

After the first year in college, she went back to the personnel manager. He said, “You are __39__, aren’t you? I think I have a 40 for you as a teacher’s assistant. This opportunity deals 41 .” Mom accepted the

with children who are mentally challenged with little or no chance of opportunity very __42__.

For almost five years, as a teacher’s assistant, she saw teacher after teacher give up on the children and quit, feeling 43 . Then one day, the personnel manager and the principal __44__ 45 the children and how

in her classroom. The principal said, “We have watched how you they communicate with you and admire your hard-working all in 47 that you should be the teacher of this class.” 48 49 46

over the last five years. We are

My mom spent more than 20 years there. Year. All of this came about because of the Mom showed me how to handle 31. A. noise 32. A. get 33. A. otherwise 34. A. settled 35. A. teacher 36. A. purpose B. voice B. take B. anyhow B. pushed B. employer B. encouragement 50

her career, she was voted Teacher of the comment made in my classroom that day.

situations and never give up. C. sound C. carry C. instead C. saved C. director C. achievement D. tune D. throw D. actually D. stuck D. adviser D. victory

37. A. went 38. A. visit 39. A. serious 40. A. career 41. A. learning 42. A. patiently 43. A. upset 44. A. looked up 45. A. believe 46. A. spirit 47. A. discussion 48. A. At 49. A. worthless 50. A. challenging

B. met B. continue B. fortunate B. duty B. judging B. eagerly B. frightened B. went up B. protect B. intention B. argument B. During B. thoughtless B. different

C. worked C. attend C. careful C. position C. obeying C. successfully C. guilty C. took up C. treat C. task C. disagreement C. On C. hopeless C. dangerous

D. stayed D. prepare D. responsible D. part D. imagining D. skillfully D. ashamed D. showed up D. receive D. attempt D. agreement D. With D. coldless D. strange

参考答案 31—35 BDCDB 41—45 ABADC 36—40 CBCAC 46—50 ADBBA


阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答 题卡上将该项涂黑。 When I first entered university, my aunt, who is an English professor, gave me a new English dictionary. I was 1 to see that it was an English-English dictionary, also known as a monolingual dictionary. 2 it was a dictionary intended for non-native learners, none of my classmates had to use at first. I would look up words in the bilingual

one 3 , to be honest, I found it extremely 4

dictionary and 5 not fully understand the meanings. I was used to the 6

dictionaries, in which the words are 7 both in English and Chinese. I really wondered why my

aunt 8

to make things so difficult for me. Now, after studying English at university for three in learning a foreign language. in two

years, I 9 that monolingual dictionaries are 10 As I found out, there is, 11

,often no perfect equivalence(对应) between two 12

languages. My aunt even goes so far as to 13 that a Chinese “equivalent ” can never give you the 14 meaning of a word in English! 15 , she insisted that I read the definition(定义) of a word in a monolingual dictionary 16 I wanted to get a better understanding of its meaning. 17 , I have come to see what she meant. Using a monolingual dictionary for learners has helped me in another important way. This

dictionary uses a(n) 18 number of words,around 2,000, in its definitions. When I read these definitions, I am 19 exposed to (接触) the basic words and learn how they are used to explain objects and ideas. 20 this, I can express myself more easily in English.

1. A. worriedB. sadC. surprisedD. nervous 2. A. BecauseB. AlthoughC. UnlessD. If 3. A. butB. soC. orD. and 4. A. difficultB. interestingC. ambiguousD. practical 5. A. thusB. evenC. stillD. again 6. A. newB. familiarC. earlierD. ordinary 7. A. explainedB. expressedC. describedD. created 8. A. offeredB. agreedC. decidedD. happened 9. A. imagineB. recommendC. predictD. understand 10. A. naturalB. betterC. easierD. convenient 11. A. at bestB. in factC. at timesD. in case 12. A. wordsB. namesC. ideasD. characters 13. A. hopeB. declareC. doubtD. tell 14. A. exactB. basicC. translatedD. expected 15. A. RatherB. HoweverC. ThereforeD. Instead 16. A. whenB. beforeC. untilD. while 17. A. LargelyB. GenerallyC. GraduallyD. Probably 18. A. extraB. averageC. totalD. limited 19. A. repeatedlyB. nearlyC. immediatelyD. anxiously

20. A. According toB. In relation to C. In addition toD. Because of

参考答案 217.1-5 CBDAC 6-10 BACDB 11-15 BABAC 16-20 ACDAD

请认真阅读下面短文, 从短文后各题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中, 选出最佳选项, 并在 答题纸上将该项涂黑。 A serious car crash leads one woman to rediscover her faith in human kindness. In March last year, the car I was driving was country road. I soon 37 36 in a serious crash with another car on a

myself at the centre of a frenzy of activity, surrounded by

paramedics, police, rescuers and members of the local community. An enormous can opener was used to 38 me out of my wrecked car and 39 an ambulance.

Over the next eight hours, l was transported to hospital, dragged up, X-rayed and diagnosed (诊断) with a broken neck. Knowing ‘that I’d 40 death by a fraction of a second sustained 41 me to deal with the visible

me throughout the long wait in the emergency ward and distress of my hospital visitors. Only after I’d convinced the last friend to in and out of my line of vision during my hospital 42 43

could I direct my energies inwards Flitting was the Red Cross lady, a gentle 45 44

in white who, from time to time, popped her head in to had gone, she ventured further into my cubicle to I found myself 47 46

cups of tea. After the visitors

that I was all riot. 48 , my feats for my

her everything; about the shock of the 49 50

family as a result of my injuries - about my whole life. While I transport me to another hospital, she stood by my trolley and

for an ambulance to my hand as I off-loaded 51 , quiet and

all the emotion I’d stoically withheld (强忍着的) from my family. She non-judgmental. Even now, the 52

that I have her contact details provides me with great



look forward to a day in the not-too-distant future when my guardian angel and I can meet again, in 54 circumstances.

In times of crisis, faith can sustain us: for mc, my faith in human nature, reawakened by the 55 of a stranger, has helped ease my journey back to recovery. B. trapped B. found B. force B. onto B. met B. forced B. leave B. visit B. performance B. offer B. consult B. showing B. incident B. prepared B. lent B. doubted B. belief B. pride B. happier B. strength C. lost C. devoted C. get C. off C. beat C. ordered C. participate C. operation C. presence C. drink C. conclude C. giving C. event C. waited C. moved C. stopped C. power C. surprise C. strange C. kindness D. involved D. dreamed D. turn D. on D. feared D. helped D. come D. appointment D. physician D. take D. check D. telling D. occasion D. watched D. waved D. listened D. privilege D. comfort D. extreme D. donation

36. A. caught 37. A. imagined 38. A. push 39. A. into 40. A. survived 41. A. advised 42. A. assist 43. A. stay 44. A. patient 45. A. make 46. A. claim 47. A. presenting 48. A. accident 49. A. hoped 50. A. held 51. A. puzzled 52. A. knowledge 53. A. progress 54. A. unforeseen 55. A. sympathy

36-40 DBCAA 41-45 DBACB 46-50 DDACA 51-55 DADBC ****************************************************结束

完形填空(记叙文) (福建)
阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答


Born in America, I spoke English, not Chinese, the language of my ancestors. When I was three, my parents flashed cards with Chinese 1 at my face, but I pushed them 2 . My mom believed I never came. 5 at him,

would learn 3 I was ready. But the 4

On a Chinese New Year’s Eve, my uncle spoke to me in Chinese, but all I could do was confused, scratching my head. “Still can’t speak Chinese?“ He 6 Chinatown. “

me,“You can’t even buy a fish in

“Hey,this is America,not China. I’ll get some 7 with or without Chinese.” I replied and turned to my mom for 8 . “Remember to ask for fresh fish,Xin Xian Yu,” she said, handing over a $20 bill. I words,running downstairs into the streets of Chinatown. I found the fish 10 surrounded in a sea of customers. “I’d like to buy some fresh fish,“ I shouted 9 the

to the fishman. But he 11 my English words and turned to serve the next customer. The laugh of the people behind increased 12 their impatience. With every 13 ,the breath of the

dragons(龙)on my back grew stronger—my blood boiling— 14 me to cry out,“Xian Sheng Yu,please. “ “VeryXian Sheng,“ I repeated. The crowd erupted into laughter. My face turned and I ran back home 16 ,except for the $20 bill I held tightly in my pocket. Should I laugh or cry?They’re Chinese. I’m Chinese. I should feel right at joke,a disgrace(丢脸)to the language. Sometimes,I laugh at my fish 18 ,but,in the end,the joke is on 19 . Every laugh is a culture 17 . Instead,I was the 15

20 ;every laugh is my heritage(传统)fading away. 1. A. customB. gamesC. charactersD. language 2. A. aheadB. aroundC. alongD. aside 3. A. whenB. beforeC. unlessD. until 4. A. successB. studyC. timeD. attempt 5. A. aimB. jokeC. nodD. stare 6. A. cared aboutB. laughed atC. argued withD. asked after

7. A. right nowB. from nowC. at timesD. in time 8. A. decisionB. permissionC. informationD. preparation 9. A. repeatedB. reviewedC. spelledD. kept 10. A. farmB. standC. pondD. market 11. A. guessedB. forgotC. doubtedD. ignored 12. A. byB. asC. withD. from 13. A. secondB. effortC. desireD. movement 14. A. forcingB. allowingC. persuadingD. leading 15. A. brightB. blankC. paleD. red 16. A. open-mouthedB. tongue-tied C. empty-handedD. broken-hearted 17. A. serviceB. homeC. riskD. root 18. A. tradeB. deedC. challengeD. incident 19. A. itB. usC. meD. them 20. A. thrownB. lostC. dividedD. reflected

参考答案 218.1-5 CDACD 6-10 BABAB 11-15 DCAAD 16-20 CBDCB

完形填空 “How did you do it, Dad? How have you managed not to take a drink for almost 20 years?” It took me almost 20 years to have the When Dad first into a 31 29 27 26 to even ask my father this very personal question. 28 and needles every time he got

drinking , the whole family was on 30

that, in the past, would have 32

him drinking again. For a few years we were

to bring it up

that the drinking would begin again.

“I had this little poem that I would recite to myself at least four to five times a day,” was Dad’s 33 were to my 18-year-old unasked question. “The words were a constant 35 34 to me that things 36 the poem

so hard that I could not deal with them,” Dad said. And then he

with me. The poem’s routine as well.


, yet profound words immediately became


of my daily

About a month after this talk with my father, I received a gift in the mail from a friend of mine. It was a book of daily sayings of wisdom with one 39 for each day of the year.

It has been my experience that when you get something with days of the year on it, you naturally turn to the page that lists your own I 41 40 . 42 43 words of wisdom this book had in and appreciation 45 44 down

opened the book to November 10 to see

store for me. The moment I glanced at the page, tears of

my face. There, on my birthday, was the exact same poem that had years! It is called the Serenity Prayer: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. 26. A. chance 27. A. gave up 28. A. thread 29. A. situation 30.A. stopped 31. A. sure 32. A. on condition 33. A. reply 34. A. fear 35. A. never 36. A. discussed 37. A. simple 38. A. all 39. A. listed 40. A. character 41. A. doubtfully B. courage B. took up B. duty B. habit B. made B. uncertain B. for fear B. words B. imagination B. seldom B. shared B. long B. that B. included B. birthday B. carefully C. ability C. started C. fire C. condition C. started C. afraid C. in case C. excuse C. thought C. always C. offered C. wonderfully C. any C. read C. qualities C. happily

my father for all these

D. right D. continued D. pins D. house D. asked D. eager D. providing D. explanation D. reminder D. ever D. talked D. boring D. part D. said D. favorites D. hurriedly

42. A. where 43. A. disbelief 44. A. hung 45. A. troubled

B. whether B. anger B. pulled B. disturbed

C. what C. sorrow C. rolled C. pleased

D. how D. regret D. pushed D. helped

参考答案 26~30 BADAC 36~40 BADAB 31~35 CBADA 41~45 DCACD



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