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2014 高考英语完形填空抓分练*精品题(61)及答案

The private automobile has long played an important role in the United States .In fact ,it has become a(n) 1 and important part of the A. merican way of life .In 2 at least one car and thirty

1986 ,sixty-nine percent of A. merican families one percent had has 4 3

one .By giving workers rapid transportation ,the automobile

them from having to live near their workplace .This has encouraged the 5 traffic problems . 6 8 .It had made it 7 for them

growth of the cities ,but it has also

For farm families the automobile is very to travel to town very often for business and

,and also to transport their 9 in various ways .The car

children to distant schools .Family life has been

helps to keep 10 together when it is used for picnics ,outings and other shared cannot 11 12 .However ,when teenage children have the use of the car ,their parents them .There is a great danger if the driver has been drinking alcohol 13 by speeding or breaking down traffic laws .Mothers of 14 called MA. DD(mothers against

or taking drugs ,or

victims of such accidents have formed a(n) drinking driving).These mothers want to to a 16 17 15

further tragedies .They have worked

the government to limit the youngest drinking age .students have formed organization ,SA. DD and MA. DD are spreading the same 18 among

their friends . For many A. mericans the automobile is a necessity .But for a mark of social position and for young people ,a(n) ltogether ,cars mean very much to A. mericans. 1.A. . necessary 2.A. . changed 3.A. . less than that 4.A. freed 5.A. . devoted to B.stopped C. prevented D. kept C. contribute to D. B.interesting B.owned B.rather than C. wonderful C. borrowed C. more than D. happy D. hired D. now 20 19 ,it is also

of becoming an adult .A.

B.looked forward to

resultedto 6.A. . dangerous 7.A. . possible 8.A. . with pleasure by pleasure 9.A. . interesting 10.A. . families friends 11.A. . improvement feelings 12.A. . call attention to throw right on 13.A. showing off setting off 14.A. . company hospital 15.A. . prevent 16.A. . upset encourage 17.A. . similar 18 A. . news 19.A. . some 20 A. . signal B.same B.message B.another B.appearance C. unusual C. report C. other C. sign D. ordinary D. tale D. others D. decision B.help B.forbid C. keep C. discourage D. protect D. B.school C. organization D. B.putting off C. keeping off D. B.keep an eye on C. take a notice of D. B.confidence C. experiences D. B.moved B.parents C. enjoyed C. children D. affected D. B.impossible B.important B.for pleasure C. obvious C. necessary C. in pleasure D. helpful D. true D.



6-10 DABDA

11-15 CBACA

16-20 DABAC

第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题:每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的 最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 (2012·绵阳二诊) Bill Trew worked on the night shift(夜班) in an old coal mine called Park Deep.Day and night 180 miners worked underground there, more than 6,00 feet__36__.They all took their__37__of night work, but Bill always worked at night.He said he__38__it. One day he came home as usual at half past seven in the morning.He had his “Supper” , __39__he called it, and went to bed.An__40__dream troubled his sleep.__41__, the only thing he remembered about it was—a throbbing( 跳动 ) blue light. Bill got up in the afternoon as usual.It was a__42__getting up—because he could still see the blue light in front of his eyes.As the evening__43__darker, the light grew stronger.Bill got ready for the night shift.But by 8 o'clock the blue light was so bright that he could__44__see anything else.He and his wife were very puzzled.Bill had never been __45__before. “Don't go to work,” Mrs.Trew said.“If it isn't better__46__tomorrow, I'll have to send for the doctor.” Bill didn't go to work.He sat in an

armchair , __47__but with closed eyes.__48__then the blueness was like a living thing.It surrounded him, silent, throbbing.The family went to bed but Bill wasn't__49__: he stayed in his armchair. At 11 o'clock a long, loud explosion(爆炸)__50__the ground.Bill opened his eyes and__51__to his feet.The blue light was__52__! He rushed outside.Someone shouted, “Gas! gas in Park Deep! Oh pity the night shift!” The gas explosion killed 179 men in Park Deep.The mine was destroyed__53__.Bill Trew has never__54__wondering. The blue light: why did it make him the only man__55__for work that night? 文章大意:本文讲述了一个令人不可思议的事件。 36.A.down C.off B.around D.away

答案:A 由常识及前句中的“underground”可知,选 down。 37.A.order B.time



答案:C 他们轮着上夜班,但是比尔一直上夜班。由后句句意“但是比尔一直上夜班” 可推知,选 share,表示“分享”。 38.A.decided C.suited B.preferred D.needed

答案:B 他说他“喜欢”上夜班。prefer“更喜欢”;decide“决定”;suit“适合”; need“需要”。 39.A.what C.when 答案:D B.because D.as 由前句时间“at half past seven in the morning”可知,这个晚饭,是他

所给的称谓。as 在此引导非限制性定语从句。他吃了他为之命名的“晚饭”,然后睡觉了。 40.A.uneasy C.extra 答案:B B.unusual D.ordinary 一个“不寻常”的梦打扰了他的睡眠。unusual“不寻常的”;uneasy“不安

的,忧虑的,令人不安的”;extra“额外的”;ordinary“普通的”。 41.A.Afterwards C.Therefore B.However D.Meanwhile

答案:A “后来”,他唯一记得的事情是一团蓝色的光。 42.A.regular C.late B.fresh D.strange

答案:D 由该空破折号后的“because he could still see the blue light in front of his eyes”可知,这次起床是很“奇怪的”。 43.A.turned C.grew B.developed D.fell

答案:C 当天“变”黑时,蓝光越亮了。grow“逐渐变成新的状态”;turn“成为与以 前完全不同的东西”。B 项不是系动词;D 项一般只用在固定表达 fall ill,fall asleep 中。 44.A.possibly C.probably B.hardly D.immediately

答案: B 眼前的蓝光变得如此明亮以至于他“几乎看不见”东西了。 hardly“几乎不”。 45.A.fearful C.safe B.calm D.sick

答案:D 由下文“看医生”可知,此处指“他以前从未生过病”。 46.A.for C.by B.within D.on

答案:C 明天前还不好的话,我给你请医生。 47.A.awake C.clear B.frightened D.relaxed

答案:A 由该句后面的“but with closed eyes”可知,他“醒着”但是眼睛合着。 48.A.Just C.From 答案:D B.Till D.Even “即使到这时”,那团蓝光像生物一样围绕在他周围。even then“即使到这

时”,再如:Even then,he wouldn't admit his mistakes.即使在这种情况下,他还是不 承认自己的错误。 49.A.serious C.free B.tired D.troubled

答案:B 家人都上床睡觉了,但是比尔还在椅子里坐着,没睡觉,他“不累”。因为前 文说过他一直上夜班。 50.A.shook C.attacked 答案: A B.destroyed D.broke


break“打破,打碎”。 51.A.struggled C.jumped B.rose D.bent

答案:C 比尔睁开眼,跳了起来。符合听到一声巨响的自然反应。A 项填上表示“挣扎 着站起来”;B 项填上表示“站起来”。 52.A.gone C.frozen B.left D.lost

答案:A 蓝光“消失了”。be gone“消失了,不见了”;be lost“丢了,迷路了”。 53.A.at last C.for ever B.at all D.for all

答案:C 煤矿被“彻底”破坏了。for ever“永远”。 54.A.stood C.kept B.stopped D.delayed

答案: B 他从没“停止”思考。 stop“停止”; stand“站”; keep“保持”; delay“拖 延”。此处 never stop wondering=keep wondering。 55.A.unfair C.unfit 答案:C B.unreasonable D.unacceptable 那道蓝光使他成为了那一晚上夜班的人中唯一一个“不舒服从而不适宜上夜

班”的。unfair“不公*的”;unreasonable“不合理的,无理的”;unfit“(身体上)不强 健的,不适宜的”;unacceptable“不被接受的”。 ******************************************************************结束

He has been called the “missing link.”Half-man, half-beast. He is supposed to live in the highest mountain in the world—Mount Everest.

He is known as the A. bominable Snowman. The for 2


of the Snowman has been around

. Climbers in the 1920s reported finding marks like those of human feet 3 this creature

high up on the side of Mount Everest. The native people said they and called it the“Yeti,”and they said that they had occasions 5

4 caught Yetis on two

none has ever been produced as evidence(证据).

Over the years, the story of the Yetis has


.In 1951, Eric Shipton took

photographs of a set of tracks in the snow of Everest. Shipton believed that they were not 7 the tracks of a monkey or bear and 9 . 8 that the A. bominable Snowman

might really

Further efforts have been made to find out about Yetis. But the only things people have ever found were than 10 footprints. Most believe the footprints are nothing more as they melted(融化) and refroze

11 animal tracks, which had been made 12

in the snow. was

13 , in 1964, a Russian scientist said that the A. bominable Snowman 15 , no

14 and was a remaining link with the prehistoric humans. But, 16 been produced.

evidence has ever

These days, only a few people continue to take the story of the A. bominable Snowman 17 .But if they ever 18 catching one, they may face a real 19 :

Would they put it in a

20 or give it a room in a hotel?

1.A. . event C. adventure

B.story D. description

2.A. . centuries time

B.too long D. many years

C. some

3.A. . heard from of

B.cared for D. read about

C. knew

4.A. . even C. certainly

B.hardly D. probably

5.A. . as C. when

B.though D. until

6.A. . developed occurred

B.changed D. continued


7.A. . entirely clearly

B.naturally D. simply


8.A. . found felt

B.declared D. doubted


9.A. . exist C. disappear

B.escape D. return

10.A. . clearer C. possible

B.more D. rare

11.A. . huge C. ordinary

B.recent D. frightening

12.A. . strange C. deep

B.large D. rough

13.A. . In the end all

B.Therefore D. However

C. A. fter

14.A. . imagined special

B.real D. familiar


15.A. . so C. again

B.besides D. instead

16.A. . rightly normally

B.actually D. particularly


17.A. . lightly seriously

B.jokingly D. properly


18.A. . succeed in on

B.insist on D. join in

C. depend

19.A. . decision subject

B.situation D. problem


20.A. . zoo C. museum

B.mountain D. laboratory



6-10 DDCAB

11-15 CBDBC

16-20 BCADA



Tim Becker and his neighbors are doing something to make their neighborhood a trouble-free area.

When Tim Becker gets in his car to go shopping,he doesn’t 1

drive to a store

and back home. He always looks 2 up and down the streets of his neighborhood. He looks for anything 3 such as strange cars,loud noises gathering on street corners. 4 windows,or people


5 to a neighborhood watch group in Stoneville,Indiana,USA. . The 6 on the third Wednesday of every month. That’s 7 Tim

neighborhood watch group

gets together with about ten of his neighbors to discuss community 8 . Members of the neighborhood watch group want to help the police 9 their homes,streets,and families safe.

Tina Stedman,president of


neighborhood watch group,agrees with Tim. 11 them.

“People seem to think that crime(犯罪)happens to other people but not

Well,it’s never happened to me,” She said,“but I don’t think anyone has the 12 to steal from other people or to make them feel 13 sitting in their own homes. ”

A. lex, a member of the group, said that all the neighbors 14

out for one another.

“We 15 each other’s homes. We keep watch on the neighborhood at night and on weekends. Usually a 16 of four or five of us goes out together. If something doesn’t look right,then we call the 17 . For example,if we notice a group of teenagers who seem to be looking for to the police. ” 18 ,or someone destroying property(财产),we report

A. lex feels the neighborhood watch groups 19 a lot in keeping crime down. Her husband Jim agrees,“Police are good people ,but they can’t do 20 . ”

1. A. . C. just

yet D. rather

B. still

2. A. .


B. clearly

C. nervously

D. coldly

3. A. . interesting


B. unusual

C. expensive


4. A. . broken


B. open

C. old


5. A. . goes


B. belongs

C. D. turns

6. A. . sings


B. quarrels

C. D. searches

7. A. .


B. why

C. when

D. how

8. A. . D. safety


B. wealth

C. health

9. A. . keep D. protect

B. hold

C. let

10. A. . its D. your

B. his

C. their

11. A. . round about

B. on

C. D. to

12. A. . right mind

B. chance

C. courage


13. A. . unlucky discouraged

B. unsafe

C. disappointed


14. A. . set hold

B. let

C. D. look

15. A. . care watch

B. enter

C. D. manage

16. A. . group

B. set

C. number

D. crowd

17. A. . judges doctors

B. police

C. firemen


18. A. . work trouble

B. burden

C. service


19A. . produce get

B. find

C. D. help

20. A. . anything

B. everything

C. harm

D. wrong



6-10 ACBAC

11-15 DABDC

16-20 ABDDB


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