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2014 高考英语完形填空抓分练*精品题(11)及答案

完型填空 When I smoked with my family, I would feel so the world seemed so 26 and good that nothing else in

27 . I thought that smoking weed (烟草) was okay since many 28 ever happened to them.

of my family members and people at my school smoked. 29

I started smoking weed a lot more during lunch and after school. I never 30 of it. At that time I just wanted to smoke. Then I began to 31 in 32 classes, come home late and spend all my money. I would spend


school. I would 33

8 to 18 dollars a day. I never thought 34 that marijuana (大麻) had a bad effect

on those things. Maybe my coming to class high (神智恍惚) was the reason why I was failing or coming home late. As I continued to smoke marijuana, I began to notice that I would always have the strong desire to smoke and that I would get 35 cigarettes if I smoked those, but I don’t. 36 I have learned more about

marijuana, I have

37 the amount of marijuana that I use. I don’t want marijuana

to be the most important in my life. I’m not smoking every day, and not spending as much money. Since I have 38 on my habit, I am 39 more money. I’m ready to

go back to school and do good, so that I can make myself 40 . Everyone is always saying how weed 41 your mind and how it solves problems. I think it only brings more 42 .

Marijuana is not good for your body or your brain. I’m not trying to tell you not to smoke, I’m just letting you know that marijuana can be and 44 43 to your health,

it may cause some long term negative (负面的) effects. Help yourself now, 45 my experience

before it is too late. I don’t want to lecture anyone, just with you. 26. A. worried 27. A. important 28. A. something 29. A. By the way 30. A. too much 31. A. get ahead 32. A. give B. relaxed B. common B. Everything B. Now and then B. a little B. fall behind B. have C. disappointed C. interesting C. Nothing

D. moved D. funny D. Anything

C. In my opinion D. For a time C. too oft en C. come across C. attend D. any more D. make up D. cut

33. A. at least 34. A. once 35. A. used to 36. A. as if 37. A. reduced

B. at most B. twice B. paid for B. Even if B. increased

C. no more than C. again C. lost in C. Now that C. bought C. turned off C. making C. better C. repairs C. convenience C. dangerous

D. as little as D. further D. ready for D. As long as D. continued D. cut off D. saving D. worse D. destroys D. excitements D. strange D. in the past D. share

38. A. broken down B. cut down 39. A. wasting 40. A. less 41. A. excites 42. A. problems 43. A. helpful B. spending B. more B. fills B. pleasure B. useful

44. A. in the beginning B. in the distance C. in the long run 45. A. tell B. explain C. regret

参考答案 26~45 BACDA




复*扫荡狂练:完形填空—说明文 There is often a negative name associated with people who suffer with shyness. They can often be 1 by others as unsociable ones with some sort of 2 problem. Here are some suggestions with which shy people can 3 their social skills. Learn how to 4 body language and non verbal signals. Experts believe that the 5 their own 7 other

of communication between people is non verbal. The shy person needs to 6 body language in order to build up a friendly and approachable image.

people’s body language. Look for open positive signals 8 show a person may welcome an approach and conversation. If you want to start a conversation with someone 9 , simply smile and say “hi”

while 10 eye contact. For the shy person, this is the perfect way to start. When going about your daily business say “hi” to someone new whenever you have the opportunity.


Learn to actively listen. This is harder than it 11 as most people tend to talk more than they listen, but if you’re shy then this shouldn’t be a problem! Listening to the other person shows 12 —an important key social 13 .

If shy people do not take action to 14 their shyness they can miss out on all sorts of exciting 15 . Shyness could 16 them from finding a romantic partner, making

lots of genuine friends and progressing at work. This can have a harmful effect on long term happiness. 17 , by working on social skills and facing their fears 19 their confidence and develop their self-esteem 20 many

18 , shy people can gradually

to overcome shyness. Developing social skills to overcome shyness will

exciting opportunities. Remember, life is for living so don’t waste it—take action today! 1. A. thought B. commented C. considered D. treated 2. A. mental B. physical C. intelligent D. spiritual 3. A. discover B. increase C. develop D. train 4. A. translate B. interpret C. recognize D. use 5. A. minority B. majority C. form D. type 6. A. work out B. work with C. work for D. work on 7. A. Learn B. Imitate C. Study D. Observe 8. A. what B. they C. that D. as 9. A. familiar B. unfamiliar C. famous D. important 10. A. pretending B. conducting C. making D. producing 11. A. seems B. happens C. looksD. feels 12. A. surprise B. happiness C. curiosity D. interest 13. A. ability B. skillC. technique D. environment 14. A. avoid B. overcome C. acquire D. remain 15. A. events B. improvementC. progress D. opportunities 16. A. keep B. prevent C. allow D. differ 17. A. Besides B. Otherwise C. However D. Therefore 18. A. hand on B. head on C. live on D. take on 19. A. build B. discover C. set D. improve

20. A. set up B. turn up C. put up D. open up


完型填空 My husband hasn’t stopped laughing about the thing that happened to me. It’s 26 now but it wasn’t that time. Last Friday, after doing all the family shopping in town, I 27 a rest before catching the train, so I bought a 28 and some chocolate and went to the station coffee shop 29 to sit at. I put my heavy bag 30 a place and

that was a cheap, self-service place with long

down on the floor, put the newspaper and chocolate on the table to went to get a cup of coffee.

When I came back with the coffee, there was someone in the 31 s eat. It was one of those 32 young man, with dark glasses and torn clothes, and hair colored bright 33 at the front, not so unusual these days. What did 34 me was he’d started to eat my chocolate! Naturally, I was annoyed. However, to avoid trouble—then really I was rather uneasy about him—I just 35 down at the front page of the newspaper, tasted 36 . then he took

my coffee, and took a bit of chocolate. The boy looked at me another piece of my chocolate. I could hardly an argument. When he took a 38 37

it. Still I didn’t want to start than annoyed. I thought,

piece , I felt more 39 it.

“ Well, I shall have the last piece.” And I 40 The boy gave me a 41

look, and then stood up. As he left, he shouted out, “This 42 . That really made me feel silly, but it

woman is mad!” Everyone was 43

when I finished my coffee and got ready to leave. My face went red—as 44 I’d made a mistake. It wasn’t my chocolate he’d . D. exciting D. wanted D. bag D. beds

red as his hair when I

been taking. There was mine, unopened, just under my 45 26. A. serious 27. A. enjoyed 28. A. cake 29. A. chairs B. wonderful B. took B. new spaper B. tables C. funny C. had C. magazine C. benches

30. A. order 31. A. very 32. A. wild-looked 33. A. red 34. A. interest 35. A. looked 36. A. eagerly 37. A. believe 38. A. last 39. A. angry 40. A. covered 41. A. strange 42. A. agreed 43. A. better 44. A. wondered 45. A. bags

B. find B. same B. wild-looking B. black B. surprise B. lay B. friendly B. hear B. big B. lucky B. threw B. exhausting B. promised B. worse B. realized B. clothes

C. keep C. free C. good-looking C. brown C. frighten C. sat C. closely C. notice C. single C. happy C. got C. nervous C. stared C. later C. decided C. book

D. visit D. next D. good-looked D. white D. hurt D. put D. shyly D. stop D. third D. curious D. wrapped D. pleasant D. followed D. easier D. recognized D. newspaper

参考答案 26-45 CDBBC




完形填空 A Kentucky young man was taken to a hospital and then to county prison after leading police on a one-hour freeway chase (追赶) in a stolen SUV. The chase 26 Los Angeles in front of the Spring Hotel. Most of the chase was an empty 28 27 in downtown , except for

of wine that the driver threw at one police vehicle. started to happen. He ran over a fire hydrant all the books in several carts

When the driver got into downtown, 29

(消防栓). The water poured out of the hydrant, 30 (手推车) that a seller had put outside to driver three 32 33 turned west onto Grand 31

customers into his bookstore. The and managed to knock into


cars on one side of that street and two cars on the other side. The 34 , who was standing in the 35 ordering him

driver also tried to run over


to stop. Turning north, the driver caused a bus to hit its was empty, and the bus driver was uninjured. 37 the SUV 38 different directions were not so 40 36 to avoid a crash. The bus

, two police cars that were chasing 39 . One of them ran into the the drivers had braked early

fro nt of the bus, and the other into the back. enough, the damage to their cars was They only went two it had 44 43 42 41

. Both officers continued the chase.

north to find that the SUV had come to a full stop because

into a newspaper stand in front of the Spring Hotel. The driver 45 the driver of

heavily behind the steering wheel(方向盘). The police

failure to give in to a police officer. 26. A . began B.happened B.common B.box B.objects B.separating B.attract B.carefully B.broken B. passer-by a B.police box B.brakes B.Instead B.into B.lucky B.Although B.serious B.shops B.entered B.fell B. impressed C.ended C.surprising C. case C.fights C.softening C.fill C.hurriedly C.passing C. seller the C.shop nearby C.engines C.However C.under C.regretful C.Because C.normal C.meters C.came C.flowed C. accused D.resulted D.unusual D. bottle D.kills D.boring D.admit D.suddenly D.park ed D.a police officer D.police vehicle D.wheels D.Therefore D.toward D.sorry D.When D.slight D.blocks D.backed D.fled D. marked

27. A.pleasant 28. A.tan k 29. A.things 30. A.ruining 31. A.please 32. A.slowly 33. A.hidden 34. A. another driver 35. A.crosswalk 36. A.lights 37. A.Besides 38. A.from 39. A.proud 40. A.Before 41. A.effective 42. A.steps 43. A. rushed 44. A. flew 45. A.provided


参考答案 26-45 CBDAA



复*扫荡狂练:完形填空—说明文 As one of the world heritages, Grand Canyon is famous for the rock coloration and formation that is unique to the site. This steep sided gorge has a 1 of 0. 2—29 km and extends from the Grand Wash Cliffs to northern Arizona 2 is about 446 km. The deepest part of the canyon is Park and has a 4 to Lake Powell. Grand Canyon 6 structural basins and raised plateaus that are 7 to this region. There are also a number of steep-walled canyons deeply cut 9 the rocks. 10 8 by drainage systems that have 3 at the center of the Grand Canyon National

of 90km. This section 5 the length of the rivers from Lake Mead

knowing this, there are still parts of the history 12 of many debates. 13 ,

of this site that remains a 11 and is still the

despite the information gathered about this site, the geologists and scientists still cannot arrive at a consensus, for example, about the age of the Canyon. they cannot 15 14 ,

that this site is geologically significant. It is like a natural a wide 16 of rock types, an outstanding

museum full of diverse fossil records,

record book of the past three to four geologic eras and a number of caves rich in biological, archeological and geological information and resources. The Grand Canyon is also home to a number of rare 17 In the Grand Canyon National Park, there 17 fish and 1, 500 plant of both plants and animals.

are about 88 mammal, 335 bird, 9 amphibian, 47 reptile, species 18

and sheltered by the park. To 19 and preserve this natural site, the

Government has passed laws that 20 to protect the site. 1. A. depth B. height C. length D. width 2. A. that B. it C. which D. what 3. A. situated B. laid C. existed D. standing 4. A. distance B. depth C. measure D. length

5. A. extends B. covers C. measures D. exposes 6. A. makes up B. builds up C. consists ofD. lies in 7. A. typical B. normal C. extraordinaryD. special 8. A. made B. cut C. caused D. washed 9. A. out of B. in C. across D. through 10. A. Although B. Despite C. WithD. Besides 11. A. wonder B. creation C. mystery D. legend 12. A. subject B. object C. cause D. material 13. A. Hopefully B. Fortunately C. Apparently D. Consequently 14. A. Besides B. However C. OtherwiseD. Furthermore 15. A. deny B. allow C. admit D. refuse 16. A. group B. variety C. selection D. section 17. A. species B. category C. type D. class 18. A. raised B. grown C. exhibited D. protected 19. A. remain B. maintain C. continue D. last 20. A. turn B. expect C. desire D. aim




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